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My name is Dyne and this is my Neopets tumblr.
I draw, I write, but most of the time I'm just talking about my pets and playing dress-up.

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Sep 2 '14



to all neofolks: just disable everything. your nf requests, set your neomail for friends only if you can, block guild invites, block literally everything you can. just block it until this is all over, trust me.

Some things never change. Cookiegrabbers were a big thing in the late 2000s and the same tips and tricks from then are still good today:

1. Believe it or not, FireFox is the safest way to browse neo with the following plug-ins: No Script, Request Policy and Ad Block Plus. Chorme users have a few different but not as popular alternatives, such as SafeScrip, CsFire and HTTP Switchboard looks like the best of what it offers.

2. Under My Account - Preferences you’ll want to check Block Neofriend Requests, Plain Text Neomail and if you’re really worried, Only Neofriends Can Contact .

3. Disable font effects and neoboard signatures. You can do so under Neoboards - Preferences at the top of any neoboard related page.

4. Do not visit any part of the site where the coding can be altered. User Shops, User Look-ups, Pet Look-ups, Petpages and Guilds can all have malicious coding inserted into them.

Not a lot of people understand how Cookie Grabbers work but the long and short of it is that they place a tiny bit of code into the editable pages of the site that stores the user preferences of whoever visits it, IE: their cookies. They then use this information to access your account. Some warnings signs that you have someone sneaking around on your account include randomly being logged off, sudden changes in the amount of NP you have on hand, and items appearing and disappearing from your inventory.

In case your account IS compromised, now would be a great time to take screenshots of your User Look-up, Neofriends and any high profile items you have in your SDB. Anything you hold dear should be screenshotted and saved to your computer in case you might need to contact TNT.

Remember to be safe and browse smart. CGers target the uninformed and the ignorant.

Sep 2 '14


image Birthday cake skeith!! 

Sep 1 '14
For clockbirds, their beautiful wocky♥

For clockbirds, their beautiful wocky♥

Sep 1 '14
Sep 1 '14

Just bought five of the new Nightmare capsules and not a single LE. I just wanted that dumb wig.

Aug 31 '14

Unless you pile it all up like something from Wicked Wocky Wobble, this is nothing balanced about what Ovie eats in the morning.

Aug 29 '14
Every time I’ve gone to colour this I end up hating it and starting from scratch but I think I’m finally making some progress.

Every time I’ve gone to colour this I end up hating it and starting from scratch but I think I’m finally making some progress.

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Aug 29 '14


dyne is the bomb

I blame the fact that I was half asleep but to get the whole thing centered, under #content you’ll want to change margin-left to 32.5% and under #layout you’ll want to change margin-left to 30%. I’m super sorry about that Von!

Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

i just wanted to ask what your pronouns are if that's okay? to make sure i dont misgender you or anything x___x

That’s very sweet of you to ask, anon!

She/Her is ideal but They/Their is also fine. ‘w’

Aug 28 '14

hasee-yay asked:

★ Ovie

★ Not that you can see them, but his eye colour is a yellowish-orange colour and compliment his fur quite nicely.